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029-221-0215 (We do not usually respond by phone.)

Membership Fees
The membership fee is 1,200 JPY (tax included) per year in Japanese yen, and up to 10 cryptocurrency addresses can be registered and used. Details such as the cryptocurrency payment rate are listed on the Membership Payment page.

Payment Method
You can pay by cryptocurrency Ripple(XRP) or Symbol(XYM). When sending cryptocurrency, it is necessary to include the payment number in Ripple's destination tag or Symbol's message. Please send the message in plain text without encryption.

Timing of reflecting Membership Fees
After incoming payment of the cryptocurrency Ripple(XRP) or Symbol(XYM), based on the payment number, it will be automatically reflected in the system (such as Managing Account page and Managing Trigger page), and you will receive paid member benefits. Please note that this process is automated and will not be processed correctly if the payment number is not entered. Please also note that all processing is performed in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9:00).

Cancellations and refunds after send of membership fees are not possible.

You can cancel your membership by deleting your account on Managing Account page.


Personal Information Protection Policy

Use of Personal Information
We do not sell, share, or lend the collected personal information to others. The personal information we collect will be used for the following purposes.
(1) For customer inquiries.
(2) To send information from our company to customers.
(3) To create materials such as sales trends.
The personal information you provide will not be used for any other purpose.

In our system, all personal information such as account IDs, passwords, and email addresses are encrypted and stored on the server.
We also only use necessary cookies to enable our services.
Communication is protected by SSL.

[Legal disclaimer] We may disclose personal information only when required by law.