2021/10/25We have started Incoming Trigger Service.

We are pleased to announce that we have started Incoming Trigger Service.

This is a service that starts the program at Incoming payment by simply registering the address of the cryptocurrency and the URL of the program. It is available for cryptocurrencies Ripple(XRP), NEM(XEM) and Symbol(XYM).

In order to realize real-time processing at incoming payment, VPS or cloud services that can use JavaScript (Node.js) are required. Therefore, if you are using a normal rental server, the hurdle will be high. However, if you use this service, you can easily realize real-time processing using php or perl even with a normal server.

With this service, you can register and use one address for free. In addition, a test program is available so you can try it out immediately. For more information, please see FAQ.

We hope you will use this Incoming Triggers Service to develop various incoming processing programs.

Opening campaign :
If you become a paid member (the membership fee is 2,400 JPY per year in Japanese yen) , you can usually register up to 5 cryptocurrency addresses, but currently, you can register up to 10 in this campaign.